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Week 7 - Nov. 13 - Praying For Lighthouse

1.  Continued good weather 2.  Mortgage approval 3.  Maintaining the project schedule.
Posted by Pastor Jeremy Taylor in Lighthouse Prayer Group
Comment from Pastor Jeremy Taylor:

We have been officially approved by TD Bank for our mortgage.  An answer to prayer…thanks so much for your faithful prayers for this to happen.

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Lighthouse Prayer Group

This group on The City is committed to praying for our Lighthouse Project everyday from October 13 through Thanksgiving. We have entered a very critical time in construction and there have been so roadblocks in the construction and we want to seek God to help the construction project be guided by His will. Each week the staff at Black Rock will be updating this group with the weekly prayer needs for the project.

We are asking that people pray at 12:00pm each day or when it works best for you. Please look to invite others to this group as we lift the project up in prayer.

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